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In Cherokee section[edit]

I believe there is value in a paragraph added by Sstrarke2, but it needs some further work. For the moment, I've moved it here:

"For the Cherokee tribe, there were records of over 40 warriors from their tribe who served in both world wars. However, the Cherokee tribe is very overlooked as one tribe that did contribute in the war effort as code talkers. There was only one account of any Cherokee who served as a code talker and it was during World War I. His name was George Adair and he was born in Braggs, Oklahoma. He served in the U.S. Army in September of 1917. He fought on the French line during World War I and he was put on the telephone service along with other code talkers." [1]

  1. ^ "History and Legacy of Cherokee Code Talkers Sought". Retrieved 2015-12-14.
  • The first issue is that "the French line during World War I" may very well be the same place as described in the first paragraph, so the information may be redundant and needs to be better integrated with the first paragraph.
  • Secondly, "There was only one account of any Cherokee who served as a code talker" Is a misinterpretation of the source article.
  • Third, the text as it stands does not have a neutral point of view.

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